Are you experienced?

It's our job to make our clients lives as simple as possible. That means taking care of all the details when it comes to development, effectively translating your business goals into an online strategy.

So, what should you expect when you hire us?


1. Enquiry

It all starts when we get that first call or email from you. We are very friendly and approachable, and no question or idea is dismissed out-of-hand. Feel free to get in touch even if you just have an idea you want to talk about.

Even if you think we might not be for you, we’ll be happy to recommend other reputable companies in the industry who might be exactly what you’re after.



2. Discovery & initial proposal

We like to meet up at this stage so you can get a feel for our company. It’s important that we’re the right fit for each other. We think we’re pretty flexible, as we’ve worked with one-man-bands and small businesses, all the way up to blue-chip corporate businesses.

Asking everyone involved, we relook your industry to gain a deep and intuitive sense of your goals. We’ve been doing this for a while so chances are we’ve previously built a website similar to what you’re after and we’ll be able to use that as a guide in order to put together initial questionnaires and rough estimate.


Project Specification

3. Project specification

At this stage we’ll identify the results you are looking to achieve and discuss how your website / web application will deliver them.

Where possible we’ll collect any content and collateral for your website so that we can draw up a site structure. It depends on the project but often, rather than spend a lot of time and effort writing long-winded specification documents, we tend to produce a ‘wireframe’ prototype to identify the key features and how they will fit together.


Design Phase

4. Design phase

On to the drawing board! With strategy in hand, design concepts start to take shape. We will produce provisional designs to convey the general look and feel for your website. Often there are a number of rounds of feedback and tweaks before the design is signed-off. Once you’re happy, our design production begins.

Typically we do not design every page of the website as this would prove time consuming and costly. We will use the provisional designs as a style guide that can be further developed throughout the site, and will adapt the page layouts to fit their content.


Development Phase

5. Development phase

Form meets functionality. We have vast expertise in many types of server-side technologies including .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL and others.

At this stage, we start converting your designs into working templates on top of our CMS. Bespoke functionalities are built. The hosting environment is set up. All the pieces start falling into place.



6. Testing, feedback & amends

Once we have an initial implementation to show you we will make it available for you to test online. Content is inserted or migrated. We’ll ask for your feedback at regular intervals so that we can make any changes and amends before too much time and effort has been invested.


Go Live

7. Go live!

We put the shine on our work with reviews and tweaks before user accessibility tests are complete. The website (or application) is finished and ready to be launched — All that remains is to hit the button!




8. Review, analyze & improve

All websites have a ‘bedding in’ period shortly after they are launched and during this time we will monitor your website, fix any bugs and make the inevitable tweaks and changes you require once you start using it in earnest. This is also the time to further review your site’s performance on search engine results pages.